Woman Transforms Fallen Soldier’s Uniform Into Teddy Bear For Their Kids.

It’s horrible to lose someone you love. That’s a pain that really never goes away. Lisa Freeman knows that pain all too well. She lost her son, Matthew, during his military service in Afghanistan. That was back in 2009. And she still feels that pain. But she copes as best she can.

She also helps others who have lost family members in the military by making them Teddy Bears with that lost family member’s uniform. She gives them to their children, or any family member who wants one. And she does them absolutely free.

It’s something that makes her heart feel better, at least a little, by providing family members with these uniform bears. And Lisa knows that her son Matthew is looking down on his mom smiling, as she tries to help others cope.

Says Lisa: “He’s loving that something good is happening out of something so tragic.”

Her project is called Matthew Bears. So if you or someone you know could use a Matthew Bear, contact Lisa and let her know. Lisa is also involved in the Matthew Freeman Project, a non-profit supporting education efforts in the U.S. and around the world. If you would like to contribute, you can search for it online. 

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