Woman Was Asked To Leave For Nursing Her Baby At The Mall’s Food Court.

You would think that as natural as it is, breast-feeding in public would not be a big deal. But to some, it is. Here are 9 stories of people being bothered by breast-feeding.

1. In Bendigo, Australia, moms had a sit-in at a shopping mall after their friend, Luci White, was asked to leave the mall’s food court for breast-feeding her son there because customers were complaining.

Luci’s friend’s were appalled by the complaints and the food court’s actions. So the moms banded together to attend a “Boobs for Babies” protest, where dozens of moms sat in the food court breast-feeding their babies.

Officials of the marketplace later apologized to the women for their earlier actions and said that breast-feeding was, indeed, acceptable there.

7 News | Mums unite

Dozens of breastfeeding mothers have taken over a Bendigo shopping centre food court, protesting against the eviction of a nursing mum who was ordered to leave after customers complained. www.7news.com.au #7News

Posted by 7NEWS Melbourne on Friday, 26 February 2016

2. Savannah Shukla of Columbus, Georgia, was breast-feeding her child in a grocery store when she was approached by a deputy, who threatened to arrest her if she did not stop breast-feeding immediately.

She told him she had all the right in the world to do it, but he insisted that if she exposed her nipple, he could arrest her.

She made a post about the incident and soon after, Sheriff John Darr contacted her and apologized for a member of his department’s actions.

3. Conner Kendall was breast-feeding her child at a restaurant one day when one man, disgusted by it all, decided to take a picture of it and post it, sharing some unkind remarks.

Conner found out about it and messaged the man. Her letter to him, in part, read: While I in no way, shape, or form owe you any explanation I would like to clarify a few things. I did nothing wrong, I turned away to latch my son and pulled my shirt back up when he was finished out of respect for others in the restaurant.

I do not use a cover, because my son fights them, screams, and doesn’t eat at all while under them. If he had been screaming because he was hungry then I would be a bad mom for not feeding my hungry child.

Her response went viral, and received huge support.

4. Juliet Thompson was breastfeeding her baby while on a flight from Salt Lake City to L.A. When a fellow passenger called her “disgusting,” and flight attendants asked her to cover up.

Juliet was very upset and she let United Airlines know about it when the flight landed. And although a representative for United apologized for their attendants, Juliet posted about it, with the hashtag “MomsDontFlyUnited.”

She received a lot of support on it.

5. Amanda Ziliken, who was breast-feeding her baby under a cover during mass at Elevation Church in North Carolina, was asked to leave the church for doing so.

She was in the darkened back of the second floor of the church when a volunteer aimed a flashlight at her and told her to get out. She said it drew people’s attention to her and it was totally humiliating, unacceptable and even illegal.

So after Amanda was kicked out of the church, she posted about it, and several moms held a nurse-in at the church to protest its actions.…

I just got kicked out of church for breastfeeding with a cover on and directed to the bathroom ….. Shame on you elevation

Posted by Amanda Zilliken on Sunday, 6 August 2017

6. A woman was at the mall with her 6 year old son and newborn daughter, when the newborn had to eat. So the woman and her son and the newborn went to the foodcourt and she popped out a breast to feed her infant.

Immediately, a woman came up to her, rolling her eyes and told her there was a chair in the bathroom specifically for her to do that, adding “My child does not need to see you feeding yours here while she’s eating. Before the nursing mother could respond, her 6 year old son cut her off, and said, “I don’t need to see YOUR kids eating while I’M eating.”

The bitter woman replied that her daughter is eating with no body parts showing, to which the nursing mom’s son responded after looking back at the bitter woman’s daughter, “I can see her legs, and you can’t see ANY part of my (baby) sister.”

The bitter woman was taken aback, and asked the nursing mother if she let her son talk to everyone like that. The nursing mom responded, “How? Truthfully?”

Needless to say, mom was pretty darned proud of her son.

7. Whitney Huntwork was tired of all the negative looks and comments from others when she chose to breast-feed her baby in public. So she posted a picture of her proudly breast-feeding in a grocery store and attached a poem to it.

It went like this: Anytime. Anywhere. You can stare, I don’t care. I’ll feed my hungry child, here or there, if you don’t like my boob I still don’t care. A Restaurant? A store? It’s boob juice galore! A theater? A museum? But your more focused on trying to see them!

Bottle or boob Its all just food. You still think I should cover? You should run and tell your mother. Pull out your phone and take a picture? But I’m the one who’s the problem? Don’t you wish we could all mind our business? That would sure solve them! Think I am disgusting? I could say the same? Think I am playing an attention seeking game? You are wrong because you see, really I am only worried about the comfort of my baby and me!

Sincerely Whitney, the badass breastfeeder & her badass son fueled by purely boob juice.

8. Nicolle Blackman was breast-feeding her 3-month-old son at a McDonald’s in Seattle when she noticed a man ogling her chest. She was then confronted by the man’s wife, who demanded she cover up because her husband was struggling to stop staring.

Nicolle was so upset by the request and the ogling, that she decided instead to remove the covering cloth around her baby and put it around her own head, fully exposing her breast and her nursing child. The outraged couple left immediately.

9. In a park in Dartford, England, a breast-feeding mother was confronted by a woman who urged her to move somewhere else because it was distracting her husband. The breast-feeding mom decided to fight fire… with milk.

She told the woman to screw off then aimed her boob at her and squirted her. The now somewhat wet woman posted about the incident, saying the nursing mother should be ashamed of her actions.

But many responded in defense of the breast-feeding mom, saying she had every right in the world to nurse her child there, and if it offended the couple so much, why didn’t they just move?

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