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Woman Weeping At Graveside Notices An ‘Angel’

It can be tough to find solace when you are in the depths of despair, especially when you are mourning the loss of a loved one.

But comfort found Mara José Sáez Orte, who was bereaved.

Orte appeared to be inconsolable one day while visiting the final resting place of someone close to her who had recently died. However, once she had sobered up at their burial, a figure appeared to comfort her.

It was just any old dog. He’d come to lend his kind company — and a tender paw.

“I went to say goodbye to the person I loved the most today… and this puppy arrived,” Orte wrote.


hoy fui a despedirme de la persona que más he querido porque yo también decidía irme y llegó este perrito 🙁

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

Following Orte’s online post about the incident, many readers referred to the dog as his “guardian angel” – and perhaps rightly so. The visit seemed to be exactly what Orte needed at the time.

Orte had parted ways with the puppy that day, but he had not forgotten about her. She returned to the cemetery to look for him, where she discovered that the dog had “guardian angels” of his own. He was most likely a stray before being treated for by personnel there, who feed and shelter him.

Unfortunately, little else is known about the dog. But Orte is unlikely to be the first or last person to be soothed by the kind dog.

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