Woman Went Ahead With Her Pregnancy Despite The Doctors Protest.

In Middlesex, England, Shiela Bhatti had been experiencing damp patches around her vagina for a month. During her 20-week pregnancy checkup, she and doctors found out why. Shiela’s water had broke at 16 weeks, which, as unusual as it is, is far too early for a baby in a womb to survive without necessary fluids.

The survival of her child was put at 1 percent, and doctors strongly advised terminating the pregnancy. 24-year-old Sheila refused, so she was referred to a specialist where doctors would let nature take its course. Her reason was that she had hope.

When her pregnancy reached 24 weeks, it was a milestone. And she KNEW that if her baby made it to that point, there was a good chance it would survive, even though doctors were still talking to her about funeral arrangements. “They looked at me with pity,” Sheila said. She was aware there could be issues with her baby, but she was not about to give up on it.

Then Sheila was given steroid injections to boost her baby’s under-developed lungs, and that was the first time, she said, that her baby received any help to live.

At 28 weeks and 5 days, Sheila went into labor, and her son was delivered, weighing a very tiny 2 pounds. She and her husband named him Rayyan, and he had a strong heart.

He required a little help breathing, but other than that, he was a healthy, small baby, who had to be kept at the hospital for 5 months before going home.

And, with the hope and determination of his mother, Rayyan survived. 

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