Woman Who Sacrificed A Lot For A Company Gets Tricked By The Boss, Leaves And Takes 90% Of The Business With Her.

Isn’t it true that if you work hard and are faithful, wonderful things will come your way? Tragically, that is not generally the situation. There are plenty of ungrateful employers out there who take advantage of their position of power to treat their staff anyway they want. Fortunately, certain individuals are able to maintain their composure and devise a strategy for dealing with their condescending boss, which is precisely what this post is about. 

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My spouse was the second person hired at a consulting company in a very specialized industry. In her 15 years with the firm it grew to a respectable three office (8-10 employees at each location) entity. She and the owner grew the business on the contacts, expertise and presentation of my wife. To the extent that my wife’s abilities and education were the main reason new business came through the door. Over the years her scope of responsibility grew so that the owner was basically 75% absent and mostly unaware of day to day activity. As he got more and more removed from the business, he would make overtures that he would eventually retire and sell her the business. He was so dependent on her income generating that he took out a life insurance policy on her.

I did not involve myself too much, but at a major industry dinner party I attended with her, he introduced my wife to the table as “My girl Friday” basically a secretary (which was weird). Over the years she tried to get an agreement in place to buy the firm, even if it was years away. He always delayed and made promises but never followed through. I told her “this guy doesn’t respect you or your contribution, he will never sell you the business because there is no reason to, he can make more money by stringing you along, and essentially: You are the business, why would he sell it to you?”

One day out of the blue, my wife received a raise and bonus (a very minor amount of money) and a contract that included a non-compete, non-disclosure agreement. After reading it, she realized that the owner was trying to lock her down from leaving for another firm (she had been getting feelers from other companies) to make things even more suspicious, she received a call from a competitor who said they were in final stages of due diligence and they wanted to meet her. The a******e was selling the company and didn’t think to tell her or ask if she was interested in buying it. She ignored the agreement and there were no other agreements in place. She was totally free.

My wife is extremely loyal, she has missed so many special days working for this guy, stuck around when they were wobbly, even skipped paychecks when there were tough financial times. She was furious, the absolute maddest I’ve ever seen her. We discussed starting her own firm and I asked “how much business is contactually obligated to stay there if you leave?” it turned out that most agreements were either handshakes or 30 day at-will. I also asked how many would leave with you? She said about 75% including her biggest source of revenue who didn’t even know the owner.

In a very short time, my wife took a 3 week vacation(she had months of unused time). During which time she rented an office (in the same building!) and made all the arrangement to set up a new shop. She agreed to leave any and all company property behind and do her best to give the old company no obvious ammo for litigation. She called her clients and said “I’m leaving, if you want to look into relocating your account with my new company, you’ll need to quit the old one before we can discuss it” most understood the implication.

While she was on vacation, she received a panicked call from her boss “We lost XYZ company, do you know anything about it?” she said “I’m sorry, but I just sent you an email, I’ve resigned. All my keys and company stuff is on my desk. Buh Bye”

The new firm took basically 90% the business and seamlessly transitioned into the same company as it was before, but with a new owner. Even most of the office staff would come aboard.

Within a year her old company closed down except for the small office her old boss ran, she sees him once in a while and he just scowls at her.

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