Woman Who Had Lost Everything Finds Something Heartbreaking At A Gas Station.

What makes your world go round? Is it what you get… or what you give? Giving to others and paying it forward can be one of the best parts of living a complete life.

Cassandra Orozco had given up all hope. So she prayed. Cassandra Never prays. But this day, she prayed. And a few hours later, God answered that prayer. She pulled into a gas station and up to a pump and there was a gift card taped to the pump. She was shocked. She looked around, then took a picture of it.

Attached to that gift card was a picture of Eleanor-Josephine, who was stillborn on Sept. 11th, 2015. Her mother, Natalie, had been leaving gift cards at random places… in her honor… as an act of kindness.

Says Cassandra: “To be blessed by someone who doesn’t want anything in return. It is amazing, ya know? I want Eleanor-Josephine’s memory to live on forever.”

And now, Cassandra’s whole outlook on life has changed. She has hope. She has strength. And because of Natalie’s act of kindness in honor of her stillborn daughter, Cassandra plans to pay it forward… whenever she can. 

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