Woman Who Has Tried 5 Puppies Says Every Single One ‘Failed’, And People Can See Why After She Posts Her Delusional Requirements.

Owning a dog is a significant commitment that demands time, money, and effort. Knowing the details of the breed you’re interested in, as well as the general needs of all dogs, helps guarantee that you can provide the animal the best life possible. Unfortunately, it’s not always like that. In this story below a snapshot of a letter has been shared where a woman sent to, most likely, a French bulldog breeder with a list of puppy demands that screams “I have no idea how to care for them.” Her absurd stupidity serves as a reminder. Read the story and let us know what you think of her demands?

Source: Reddit

Hello, my name is Amy and I’ve followed your beautiful frenchies for a long time. I’m a mother to a beautiful and extremely intelligent 2 year old daughter. We have been searching for a frenchy puppy and have tried out 5, but all have had temperament issues and failed to bond with my daughter.

As I said she’s extremely intelligent and understands temperament testing that we must do. All 5 puppies have failed. Is this a common problem in frenchies? We won’t tolerate a puppy that snaps when my daughter is giving it a kiss or showing affection.

I’ll explain our requirements, you can reply if you’re able to furnish a puppy to fit our needs. We require dark eyes as lighter colored eyes are a sign of Satan. We require tolerance training be done by 6 weeks. We would want our baby no later than 10 weeks as this is when they form bonds for life. More breeders should know this.

Puppy must be fully house trained. We would require some video of the puppy wearing clothes as my daughter will want to dress the dog. We will need a complete allergy panel done and a guarantee of zero allergies. We prefer a shorter hair coat with zero to minimal shedding. We will want a trial period to ensure bonding with my daughter can occur, a minimum 2 weeks.

We don’t believe in vaccines so we will require no vaccines for our Frenchie. We are open to some suggestion but would prefer the puppy has a certificate for a completed obedience class, we won’t tolerate chewing. Understand my daughter has expensive things that will not be destroyed.

We do like the spotted ones but will consider any color but brindle. Our daughter is highly perceptive in good energy and bad energy. She will know immediately if the puppy has good energy. We also would require a sanitization protocol be followed for COVID-19.

If we choose your dog I’ll send the protocol to you for you to follow. I do have a friend that’s assisting in this search and will travel to your home to pre-screen you and puppy soon after babies are born.

I will need to know ASAP if you are able to provide our perfect baby as I am screening others. Have a Blessed Day!

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