Woman who injected herself with $2K worth of filler to get ‘world’s biggest cheeks’ has more done

An Instagram model who spent more than £1,600 injecting dermal filler into her face has undergone further injections.

Anastasiia Pokreshchuk, 32, initially from Kyiv, Ukraine, has had several cosmetic surgeries performed on her over the years, including Botox, veneers, chin and jaw contouring, and liposuction. The Instagram influencer, who is now located in Istanbul and has over 82,500 followers, had previously injected herself with filler using a doctor’s online lesson – however this time she sought the help of a beautician to deliver the injections.

Anastasiia took to Instagram to share a video of the practitioner injecting filler into her friend’s face before getting her own top up. The video shows the Instagram model speaking with pals in an apartment before a beautician fills a syringe and injects one of her friends’ faces as Anastasiia talks to the camera.

Fans are then treated to a close-up of Anastasiia getting filler injected into her face before she proudly displays the results of the treatment.

Anastasiia began using filler at the age of 26 and has previously justified her excessive appearance, claiming that her cosmetic treatments have made her more confident than ever. Previously she said she looked like a ‘hamster’ before her huge quantities of filler and that she had ‘no regrets’ about her exaggerated looks.

Anastasiia expressed that she really liked this appearance. She used to be a grey mous and has admitted, adding that she now feels more ‘in proportion.’ She felt her nose was too huge saying it took up her entire face. Currently she has lips and cheeks, and according to her it looks acceptable.

She went on to say that she administers her shots using internet instructions and that she is ‘like a doctor’ in that she disinfects all of her equipment to avoid contamination. In her words, “This can be risky, but I do it with physicians. I’m studying online. I was concerned, but I really enjoy this.”

When told of the possibility of infection as a result of injecting her own filler, she stated that she won’t die with it. There is an antidote available. An infection is bad, but when she is doing this, everything is sterile. She approaches it as if she was a doctor.

When questioned if she had more romantic interest as a result of her extreme appearance, she replied that she definitely gets more attention with her filler, romantic as well. But it’s not because of her cheeks; it’s because she has become more confident. Anastasiia further added that her mother thinks this is a little insane, but what can she do? Anastasiia has no regrets, she is content with her cheeks.

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