Woman Whose Reclined Airplane Seat Was Repeatedly Punched By Angry Passenger Shares Story.

The woman whose reclining aircraft seat was repeatedly pummeled by an enraged airline passenger expressed what transpired during the now-viral incident.

Wendi Williams expressed that the hits simply kept coming, both physically and metaphorically. First it was the male, then it was the flight attendant.

Williams, who was on an American Airlines aircraft from New Orleans to Charlotte, says she is considering charging the anonymous traveler and has spoken with an aviation attorney.

The man should be prosecuted with violence, according to Williams, who shared the now-viral footage of the heated incident. Furthermore, she stated that the flight attendant on the American Eagle aircraft (an American Airlines subsidiary) should be dismissed.

Plane Passenger Filmed Shaking Woman's Reclined Seat

Video of a passenger punching the back of a reclined seat on a plane has sparked mass debate online.

Posted by Sunrise on Thursday, February 13, 2020

Williams stated that she wants to know who the man is and that she “was attacked on this plane.” She wishes he’d come out of hiding. 

Williams stated that she began filming since a customer was pounding her seat and flight attendants were doing nothing to prevent it. 

Williams explained that she was leaving a teacher’s conference, and they got on the plane, and as soon as they got in the air, she reclined, and he asked me whether she would put her seat back up while he ate, which she did.

After about 10 minutes, he was finished, and she placed her seat back down, at which time he began hitting the back of her seat so hard that she was flying forward.

She stated that she was trying to catch the flight attendant’s attention and she wasn’t replying.

William explained that all she could think of was to tape the person, and maybe she believed that would stop him, adding that she wasn’t sure why he began hitting her seat when she did “precisely” what he had asked.

She figured she would simply keep filming this man as nobody else was doing anything and she thought he’d stop totally, but he kept going. She said the “poking” on the video “was nothing comparable to what he was doing earlier.”

Williams vented her rage at the flight attendant, stating that she was told to remove the footage from her phone.

William continued “when she did eventually come around, she had an attitude and said, ‘What?'” And I said, ‘The guy behind me is continuously beating me,’ and she went back to him and was the loveliest person in the world, saying, ‘Oh, are you okay?’ It’s pretty crowded back here. “I apologized, and then she said, ‘Delete the video,’ and I thought, ‘Why would I delete the footage?”

According to Williams, the flight attendant threatened to throw her off the plane if she didn’t erase the video recording and issued her a “Passenger Disturbance Notice” that cautioned her of federal punishment.

American Airlines said in a statement that they are aware of a customer disagreement that occurred on American Eagle flight 4392, operated by Republic Airways on January 31st. Their customers’ and team members’ safety and comfort are their top priorities, and their team is investigating the problem.

After her video went viral, Williams said she received a call from American Airlines.

Williams stated that she attempted to communicate to them via email, and she provided them the full video, and she attempted to let them know that this was not right, and they basically gave her that same line like ‘they try to teach their personnel to do X, Y, and Z,’ and that obviously did not happen.

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