Woman With Cancer Did Something For The Strangers That They Will Never Forget.

In Perthshire, Scotland, a woman, only 31 years old, was in the advanced stages of ovarian cancer. But she did something that two strangers will never forget.

While the woman, Fiona Munro, was eating lunch at a restaurant with her husband, she overheard two women chatting away. They were so happy, she thought. They were filled with joy and laughter and everything positive. So she wanted to do something special for them. She put 20 pounds in an envelope, walked over to their table as she was leaving, and gave it to them. On the envelope, Fiona had written: Random Act of Kindness.

The women were overwhelmed by the kind gesture, and they found out who the woman was after she had left. They then looked her up online and started following the blog she had written on “Living With Cancer.”

Says one of the women: ‘When we read about her, what she is going through, but staying so positive we were both speechless. It was more than an envelope, more than 20 pounds, so much more than that. She has filled lots of people’s lives with a huge amount of happiness. It’s an incredible thing to do when she has so much to contend with herself.’

The two women were so inspired by Fiona that they are now doing their own acts of kindness…. in her name. 

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