Woman With Heart Disease Walked Down The Street For The Last 4 Days Finally Meets An Angel.

Source: Facebook

“I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. Today I was driving to work and feeling sorry for myself and my imperfect life. And then I passed this woman – Janice. She was on the opposite side of the road dragging two ripped up suitcases that were almost as big as her and clearly heavy. I was 3 minutes from work and almost kept driving there. I didn’t turn around the first chance I had, but I did turn around at the second chance, and I picked her up.

She had been on the road for 4 days. She had left NY after losing her job as a packer for a cosmetic company and was on her way to Baltimore where her Auntie was going to get her a job as a cleaning lady. She had spent the night at Christiana Hospital because she has Congestive Heart Failure (she was lugging those heavy suitcases!!!) and had run out of meds. I took her to the Elkton Library where she was going to meet someone who could get her closer to Baltimore, handed her every dollar I had in my wallet ($32?), and gave her a hug. She smiled the entire trip and thanked me profusely. She never asked for anything. She wasn’t thumbing for a ride. She wasn’t feeling sorry for herself or for her situation in life. It was a huge reminder to be grateful for what I have because things could always be worse! 30 minutes late to work? I’ll take it! Janice did way more for me than I did for her.”

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