Woman’s Comeback On Her Father-In-Law After 5 Yrs Of Waiting Is Truly Worth It.

The relationship between father in law and daughter in law is unique and wonderful. If you have an amazing father in law you should be thankful to God for having a great rapport with him just like the story below. It’s fun to joke, laugh and live happily. (Thanks Colton for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

Back in the year 1997, some days after my sister was born, my parents decided to visit my Dad’s hometown to show my Grandparents their first Grandchild coming from my Dad. They were in love with the little Girl. During the time they (my parents) were there, Mom and Grandpa were left alone, playing with my Baby sister and talking to each other, and went like this:

Mom: She is so pretty, she looks like me!

GP: Oh, don’t worry about it, they grow out of it!

This was obviously a joke, but my mother never forgot it.

Then, after 5 years I was born and again, my parents went to visit my Dad’s hometown, this time showing Baby me and my Grandpa absolutely loved me, and said “OMG, Look at him! So handsome and he looks like me!”.

To which my Mom, not losing the opportunity, replied “Oh, don’t worry, they grow out of it!”.

They both laughed at it, my Grandpa knew that it was exactly what he said to her 5 years before and remarked on how she returned the favor to him.

Just a little harmless fun revenge from my mother. Hope everyone reading this has a great day! 

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