Woman’s Journey From A Cleaning Staff To Finally A CEO.

And just so you don’t think men are the only ones regarded with ambition, I offer you the story of Juliet Wu Shihong, of China. There was a time, way back when, that Julia poured tea for others and served them. And then she would sweep the floors in office buildings.

One time back then, Juliet left the building she was working in for only a minute, but she forgot to bring her staff pass with her so she could re-enter the building. The guard at the building refused to let her in. And then Juliet looked over at the smartly dressed people in business attire being able to enter the building without showing a pass. When she asked the guard about that, he coldly ignored her.

Juliet was in shabby clothes and pushing a dirty cart. She was ashamed of herself; her esteemed had just taken a major hit. THAT was her turning point. She had just been discriminated against, and she vowed to herself that THAT would Never happen again.

She worked hard…. first to arrive and last to leave… and made every second count. She learned more and more about the company and was soon a sales representative. And she worked hard at that too. And before too long, she had worked her way up to the regional manager of the multi-national company. Then she became that company’s CEO and general manager.

That company, where Juliet once poured and served tea to others, cleaned offices in dirty, shabby clothes, and was denied entrance back inside when she forgot her staff pass, was NOW hers to govern. That company… was IBM. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/496ihlHifJM?t=298

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