Woman’s Kindness Towards The Struggling Mother Will Restore Your Faith.

Source: Facebook

On Friday during our walk, we went to Penrith Aldi and forgot to pack an extra mask for our 4yo who actually enjoys wearing them. In the time we were explaining this and right as she started having a meltdown, a lady who was exiting noticed and grabbed a new mask out of her bag and offered it to our daughter who also, happens to be obsessed with unicorns!

We were all so grateful and thanked her, my daughter wore the mask in the store and all the way home. I don’t know if she’s a parent, but as a parent, 3 kids under 4 and a pram is a challenge already and she made it that much easier. Thank you!I hope that angelic moment comes back to you tenfold 🙏❤️

Edit: but to give some context for the few 😉Miss 4 asks to wear a mask sometimes, simply out of inclusivity seeing mum and dad wear one. Us not having one for her caused her upset and receiving one with her favourite thing made her happy. We’re well aware that being under 12 she’s exempt. Choose to see and be the kindness in the chaos. Like this lady did ☺️

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