Woman’s Perfect Reply To All Those Who Judged Her For All These Years.

Story by Jen Ayala

Body Image: Its a BITCH!

These pics are same moment, different position. Same body, different angle. Think about that for a moment….

Using this lense as a perspective: I am just as much myself in both pictures, I am just as worthy of happiness in both pictures….so why do we feel like we need to look a certain way for apploval?

As women we face a lot of pressure to look a particular way.

We get cat calls just walking down the street

We get called names from passers by in cars.

We have monthly cycles that give us all sorts of mood swings, water retention, bloating, irritability, cramps and all the other BS we deal with.

We have to decide what birth control is right for us.

We face sexist remarks and opinions.

We are judged by the clothes we wear

So Much.

So why, already with so much external scrutiny, do you add more pressure and insecurity by the thoughts you say to yourself?

Why do you call yourselves names and judge your own body?

Why do you feel like you need to be perfect all the time to be anted or loved?

Because you don’t!

You don’t need to be any different to be beautiful. Your body deserves your thanks and care and love, and you deserve happiness!

So STOP the negative talk, turn it around and be your own friend again

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