Woman’s Unbelievable Idea To Gain Trust Of A Scared Stray Dog.

Dogs…just like humans…sometimes need a little help. Here are 10 stories of dogs being rescued.

1. When Amanda spotted a very malnourished dog near her home, she wanted to gain his trust quickly and not scare him away. Getting him to come over by showing him food didn’t work.

So, she laid down for hours on the cold ground and finally, he approached her and soon relaxed around her.

Sometime after that, she and her friend were able to get the dog into her truck and take him to the vet.

2. A family dog fell into a big crack at Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii and was trapped. The lab-retriever was being walked by his owners when he ran off and disappeared.

They found him through his whining and he had fallen about 20 feet in the crack. But a park ranger and a rescue team worked together to get the dog out safely.

3. A stray dog in India nearly died after getting stuck in a drum of tar. The dog, named Asha, was completely glued to the metal barrel by the tar.

When animal rescue workers found her, she was hyperventilating and horribly dehydrated. They rushed her to a nearby sanctuary, gave her water, then worked to free her. They did this by pouring vegetable oil over her, making the tar much softer.

After about three hours, they got her out, cleaned her up and, eventually…with a lot of care, she fully recovered.

4. In Colorado, a pet dog named Bailey fell almost 200 feet down an open mine shaft. But firefighters there were able to lower a rope with rescuers attached to retrieve the animal.

The rescue took about three hours and incredibly, Bailey was fine, with no broken bones at all. Her owners could not believe she survived the fall, but were certainly happy she did.

5. A dog that lives by a highway is not a good thing at all. Rescue workers tried to coax one away from the high-traffic area, but she was scared of them and would run away.

Finally, they came up with an idea. They built a kennel near her and a fence around her that separated her from the highway. She was taken in and soon adopted by a family.

Rescuers Worked For Days To Help This Stray Dog

Rescuers tried so many things to help this dog by the highway.

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, 3 January 2017

6. In Alma, Colorado, Larry Osborne’s 14-year-old Lab-Pit bull mix went missing somewhere on Mount Bross, with elevations of up to 14,000 feet.

Larry asked the town to help search for Chloe, and many did. But after 5 weeks of searching, it seemed hopeless. Then several days after a memorial service was held for Chloe, someone heard some barking on Mount Bross.

A short time later, someone else checked back on the mountain… and found Chloe… alive but significantly malnourished.

She was quickly reunited with Larry and he soon had the weight back on her.

7. In San Martin, a stray dog was in the wrong place at the wrong time when construction workers poured concrete for a wall. It was trapped, with its head coming out of one side of the wall and its body in a small area on the other side of it.

Once workers discovered the dog, they used a drill to chip at the wall before its head was freed.

She then backed up and came out of the small area she was in. She was not injured at all.

8. In Russia, a man jumped into a frozen pond after a dog broke through and was trapped in its icy waters. The man, known only as Ivan, ripped off his shirt, jumped in and started pummeling the ice to break it as he made his way to the dog.

He finally got to the dog, grabbed it and carried it back to dry land.

Ivan later adopted the stray dog and named him Rex. The two are now inseparable.

9. 19-year-old hiker Ivan Salas took his dog Lola, and his dad with him on a hiking adventure on a trail at Lakeview Terrace in Los Angeles.

But when Ivan’s dad threw a bottle off the side of the cliff, Lola gave chase and Ivan chased Lola. The two quickly found themselves hanging precariously off the side of the cliff.

Firefighters were summoned to the area and used a rope to secure Ivan and a harness to secure Lola. They were then lowered to safety.

10. Some people can treat animals terribly. You and I both know that. And David Krieger of Michigan knew that too. One day he watched a man start kicking a dog relentlessly in the parking lot of the hydraulic repair shop where he worked.

David ran out and confronted Roy Thompson, who was a convicted felon out on parole. Thompson pulled a gun and shot David. He died soon after. Thompson was arrested and charged with murder.

David was a dog lover, with two of his own at home. A fundraiser page was created to help with the costs of his funeral, and a memorial Facebook page was created to honor him with animal lovers sharing photos of their own pets.

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