Women Are Ditching Traditional Engagement Rings And Opting For Piercings Instead

Couples have discovered a new method to demonstrate their devotion to their lover. And it is a harsh procedure that should leave no doubt about their devotion to their companion.

People are increasingly foregoing dazzling rings in favor of having metal and diamond piercings pushed through the flesh on their fingers.

A video has been posted in which people’s skin is compressed and a metal rod is blasted through the extra folds. Certain individuals have decided on a modest bar or a stud, while others have gone all out and had imitation wedding rings created in and around the finger.

The horrifying video was not for the faint of heart. While the ultimate product might be highly sparkling, it can take up to a year for the piercing to recuperate fully. 

Dermal piercings are controversial, according to experts. They are also known as surface anchors, microdermals, dermal anchors, and single-point piercings since they have one point of entry and one point of departure. The Association of Professional Piercers claims that when correctly executed by a qualified practitioner, surface anchor piercing is no more hazardous than an ordinary body piercing and takes no longer to conduct or heal.

Adrian Castillo, a professional piercer, adds, “The rejection rate is quite high, and scarring can be severe. As they’re on the skin’s surface, they are easily grabbed.” The piercing is a permanent feature of your skin that comes into touch with a variety of substances. It is extremely prone to infection, with infection occurring in up to 20% of piercings. Before committing to a dermal piercing, it is essential to consider all of the hazards involved, which virtually acts as a metaphor for picking a soul mate.

Most viral [piercing] trends do not go into depth regarding the healing process, the discomfort, and the potential long-term ramifications of doing these things to your body. Castillo stated “I always urge people to listen to their piercer: a true professional will always give you the pros and disadvantages of any body alteration.”

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