Women calls fiancé’s daughter ‘spoiled’; tells him he needs ‘to parent her better.’

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My(26F) fiance, Dan(29M) has a daughter(14F) that we will call Nia. He was obviously very young when he had her so his parents took care of her. Her mom is not involved in her life. His parents and siblings dote on her and gave her everything she wanted therefore she turned out extremely spoiled.

2 of Dan’s siblings voluntarily shared a bedroom so that a baby could have her own room. Now that we want to move in together Dan insists that Nia must come with us even though Dan’s dad is the legal guardian.

I have no problem with Nia living with us. I think we get along just fine however we were planning to buy a home and Dan insisted that we must get Nia’s input as well. Nia looked at the home and asked if there are only 2 bedrooms in our home? We said yes.
She asked us if we are planning to have kids together. We told her that she knows that we do. She said No thank you, I’ll stay with my grandparents.

Dan freaked out and asked her why. She said she doesn’t want to share a bedroom with someone. Now my fiance says he won’t move in with me unless we find a bigger home with more bedrooms because “he won’t go anywhere without his daughter”

We can’t afford a bigger room so this way we won’t be able to move in together for who knows how long? I was furious. I told him his daughter is spoiled and he needs to parent her better instead of doing whatever she wants. He called me an a**hole for “insulting his daughter” and is giving me the cold shoulder.

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