Workers Are Quitting After Claiming It’s A ‘Boomer Power Play’ To Commute Into Work Again

When those who weren’t used to working from home were unexpectedly forced to set up makeshift offices in their spare rooms during the height of the health crisis, many were taken aback by how to make it work. It was difficult to find room for individuals who lived in small apartments. However, as the year progressed, individuals became accustomed to the setup.

And certain aspects were considerably simpler. Working from home, for instance, eliminated the need to commute. And for individuals who typically travelled into major cities for employment, this reduced their daily commuting time significantly.

Apart from saving time and money on the commute, there are additional advantages. Many parents had extra time to spend with their kids. Some people also cut back on day care costs. As a result, when such employees return to the office, they give up a lot.

Individuals are departing their employment at an alarming pace as a result of the outpouring of people who want to stay remote. According to reports, 4 million workers will have departed their employment by April 2021 since their companies no longer provide the same level of flexibility.

Portia Twidt is one mother who no longer needs to work in an office. Being at home allows her to be more available to her children, and she believes her job wouldn’t be better if she conducted it in an office atmosphere. She makes an excellent argument.

“It felt like a boomer power play,” Portia remarked. She and others felt as though their managers didn’t believe they were getting work done at home. However, the majority of people discovered that they were even more productive.

Companies that compel all employees to return are unlikely to offer increases or incentives. Therefore, people, particularly parents, are forced to hustle to locate affordable housing for their kids. Based on what transpired in 2020, many parents suddenly recognized what they had been missing out on and understood they could simply do their work without having to worry about traffic, weather, or all-day child care arrangements.

Portia is one of many people who have spoken out about the need for reform. Watch the video to hear what other people who have left the corporate world have to say.

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