Worried Woman Didn’t Expect This From The Group Of Hikers.

Bev Wedelstedt was taking a hike on Grays Peak in Clear Creek County, Colorado. Then, suddenly,…. snap…. It was not the good kind of snap…. as if there IS such a thing when your hiking. Then she went down and collapsed.

Says Bev: “I’m sitting there thinking ‘how am I going to get down?’”

Amazingly, not too long after, a group of hikers, most pretty much strangers themselves, came upon Bev. They pulled together some material and created a splint. Then, one young man in the group picked up Bev, put her across his shoulders and started down the mountain, with the rest of his group following close behind him.

That hike down was about three miles. Then, a rescue group took over, and got Bev to a hospital. A short time later, Bev had surgery to repair a torn ACL and meniscus. 

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