“Would I Be The Jerk If I Cancelled My Vacation Ticket Because My Family Wants Me To Share A Room With My Nieces?”

A vacation allows you to rejuvenate and revitalise your body and mind. Vacationing with your family and loved ones is one of the most fun loving times. Read the story to know what happened in this vacation and how you would react to such a situation.

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I (F23) have been planning a family vacation with my older brother (M30) and his wife, my two nieces (F4 and F2) and my parents. Everyone is paying for their own tickets.

The vacation is booked for February. We hadn’t discussed room arrangements before, but I knew the room we’d be staying in would have three bedrooms.

So we discussed room arrangements yesterday, and my brother and parents just kind of assumed that I wouldn’t mind sharing a room with my nieces, whilst my brother and his wife and my parents got their own rooms.

I said I didn’t want to share a room with them, and said that they should be sleeping in my brother and SIL’s room since they’re their parents. My parents called me dramatic and said that it’s not a big deal, and said that my nieces won’t give me any trouble. I told them I don’t care. They said I’m being a bad aunt and told me to grow up.

I told them if I don’t get my own room I’ll cancel my ticket, which would result in everyone else having to pay more or find someone else to go in my place because we got a group discount with the resort.

My brother said I’m a whiny AH and accused me of being a narcissist. Would you be mad in her position?

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