“You Are Every Momma’s Dream For Her Son.”

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Happy birthday my dear, darling son – I don’t have photos to share from the day you were born, when you took your first step, your first day of kindergarten, or when you learned to ride a bike. There were many milestones that weren’t recorded in your young life. Your birthdays came and went with little to no fanfare or acknowledgement. 

But that was then, and this is now.  

I know I can never make up for lost time, but I can promise you, every birthday, holiday, major (and even small) milestones you achieve, I’ll be there to celebrate with you. You are my heart and soul and I’m so blessed God chose me to be your Mom. I’m immensely proud of all your accomplishments and the wonderful young man you’re growing up to be. You’ve grown (in every sense of the word) so much in the last four years and you continue to shatter all the misconceptions of what some think it means to adopt a teenager from foster care.  

I’ll never forget how excited and nervous we both were, waiting outside the courtroom for Judge Essrig to be ready for us. Knowing we were surrounded by our closest family and friends, about to officially and legally become a family. I love that you chose your bio birthday for our finalization day, and then named it your ‘Big Day’ celebration.  

RD, you make me a better person every single day. You’ve taught me what it truly means to live life to the fullest. You’ve given me the courage to take chances and believe in myself. You are always cheering me on. You’re my sidekick in good times, and you never leave my side in the not so good times. You are every momma’s dream for her son. 

Happy 19th birthday and 4 year Famiversary my sweet boy! You are and always will be, the light of my life. I love you all the grains of sand, in all the world, in all eternity.


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