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Young boy risks life to protect younger siblings from vicious dog attack.

A 12-year-old kid is being praised a hero after preventing two violent dogs from assaulting his siblings before being attacked himself.

Deacon Ashmore, a sixth-grader, was out strolling with his two younger sisters and brother in their Detroit neighborhood when two dogs appeared out of nowhere.

Deacon didn’t hesitate to get in front of his siblings when the dogs charged.

The two violent canines leapt at his two younger sisters, ages 9 and 7, as well as his 5-year-old brother and other kids playing outdoors at the time.

As Deacon remained in the way of the dogs, his siblings had the opportunity to flee, however Deacon was attacked by the dogs.

His mother, Elisabeth Ashmore, stated he jumped in front of all the other kids and made sure they could get home extremely fast before the dogs reached them.

When one of the dogs closed his teeth on Deacon’s leg, the brave child continued to attack him until he let go.

Mom Elisabeth stated that her son’s leg was so badly wounded that his bone was exposed, and there was a lot of blood, but no broken bones.

Deacon was transported to the hospital, where he was immunized against tetanus and rabies and doctors tried to heal the damage caused by the dog bite. He was detained there overnight and released the next day.

He was supposed to be on crutches for the next three weeks.

More than $25,000 was contributed to assist the family in paying their son’s medical fees in the aftermath of the tragic incident last May.

Meanwhile, his father stated that all their kid, whom they adopted from Ethiopia as a baby, cared about was if his brothers returned home safely.

I hope the owner of these dogs was located and dealt with as soon as possible. Too many youngsters are mauled by stray dogs. I’m curious whether their owners are accountable enough to retain them.

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