Young Girl Asked For Help From Complete Strangers At The Grocery Store.

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I usually try to avoid employees at grocery stores. They’re busy with their jobs and whatever my needs are can wait. If I can’t find something, I’ll search the entire store before I dare ask someone where something is. Or peek around at other people’s carts and ask them kindly, oh where’d you find that? People are usually willing to help if it doesn’t inconvenience them.

This day, my mother sent me to the store to get steaks. Nothing else as she already went shopping but she wasn’t happy with the steak selection at that store. Steaks are an unknown world to me. I don’t know what I’m looking for. If I got the wrong one for my mother I knew I’d be hearing it for a week.

Looking at this wall of meat was overwhelming so I see a couple (30s) picking out a few steaks. I kindly asked them, “Sorry, I know you don’t work here. Do you know anything about steak? I’m supposed to pick some up for my family but I don’t know what I’m looking for.”

The husband rolled his eyes and laughed and said, “Ask her.” The wife busted out laughing saying, “I’m actually a chef downtown, of course I can help you.”

Y’all. I learned so much about steaks in the 5 minutes we talked. She asked me how I plan to cook it. On the grill. How many people I’m feeding. 3. Do I plan to marinade? Yes. For how long? Up to an hour.

She picked out the best cuts of NY strip for me, took me down the spice aisle and told me how to make a marinade, how high to set the grill, how to time it perfectly, told me how to rotate it 45° twice once on each side.

I went home and made the best steak dinner for my family. They were so impressed. Now I’m in charge of grilling steaks for family occasions like Easter, Memorial Day, Dad’s birthday, and so on.

Thank you so much to the kind lady who didn’t work there. You have no idea how much your attention impacted my life that day. I’m forever grateful

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