Young mother slammed as insensitive for bragging about her post baby body

Aga Bordes, a novel mother who is based in Houston, Texas, is living the ‘hot mom life’ according to her TikTok profile and is proud to have rebounded back just two weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

The blonde beauty has been slammed after one viral video where she wanders down the street in body hugging blue tights and a white crop top while pushing her baby girl Bianca in a baby carriage.

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Someone wrote a comments and said “You’re two weeks postpartum, fit again in all your clothes, it’s a beautiful sunny day, you’re on your hot mom walk, your baby is full and happy, life is good”. Another mother said that let’s not normalize everything being back to normal two weeks postpartum. She further said that she ‘couldn’t even leave my house for the first two months’.

An argument came from a person saying, ‘You must be insecure to have to post all about it. Way to go by making other first time moms feel they should be exercising, eating healthy’. Another one wrote that the only reason someone would post like this is to brag.

Some took the chance to poke fun at them instead of getting furious at the young lady. One woman said that she is at 28 weeks post-partum and still wearing her maternity leggings.

Aga wished other mothers well in her remarks and said she is healing gradually and hasn’t succeeded to escape the use of the huge maternity pads. She replied and self-confessed that she is healthy and cheerful and not scared to show it. Aga mentioned that she might be stressed with other things that others aren’t.

But some people hopped to her justification and said mothers should be allowed to celebrate their wins. One of the commenters said that Aga is not saying that everything is back to normal, but she is just showing off a nice moment and mentioned that she never said it is all perfect.

And some simply cheered her on and said there should be no room for ‘mom shaming’ on proud recovery posts. A woman said that everyone’s journey is different and it is great to celebrate the moms who can do this.

The video has been watched more than half a million times stimulating the mother to do some follow-up videos including one in her underclothes.

Aga wrote ’18 days postpartum’ on the video which shows off her flat belly. She added that she believes who get furious at her simply feel bad about themselves.

She also added a video enlightening what she did to come back to the good shape so quickly. She said that she watched what she consumed during the course of her pregnancy, worked out until her baby was born and started going for walks days after her birth.

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