Young Quartet Performs Song In Church, Crowd Bursts Out Laughing When They Hear Boy In Vest Sing.

When a quartet of young boy appears on a church stage during a Christmas program, the audience pretty much thinks they’ll sing a nice Christmas song and that will be that. And they will get ready for the next Christmas performance.


But when four boys took the stage at their church, the audience got a performance they probably wouldn’t soon forget. As the boys began singing, it was instantly clear that they were a lot more mature than they appeared to be.

As a matter of fact, they sounded like a seasoned vocal group whose members were in their late 30s or 40s while singing the Christmas song “Christmas Carols.” And one of the boys’ deep, deep bass range had the audience rolling with laughter.


It’s not everyday that you watch a group of young boys sing like older men… and they were loving it. They would gesture and mouth the words with such authority and maturity. And they were obviously having fun while “singing” the song.

The boys had to actually be lip-syncing while performing the song. But even if they were, it added even more hilarity to their performance.

Get ready for a good chuckle in the video below. You will love these kids’ routine!

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