‘Zombie’ Teen Who Said She Had 50 Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie Accused Of Being A Fraud

Sahar Tabar worships Angelina Jolie so much that she supposedly had 50 plastic surgery treatments to appear like the Tomb Raider star — and transformed herself into a “zombie” in the process.

The intriguing Jolie want tobe from Tehran, Iran, is an elusive social media star who’s gotten a lot of attention for her looks, which many of her Instagram followers have described as “corpse-like”: her cheeks are sunken, her figure is gaunt and angular, and her eyes are an eerie blue-grey hue. Furthermore, her skin and cosmetics frequently become soiled in her selfies, giving her the appearance of deterioration.

Sahar’s unusual look has garnered not just 265,000 Instagram followers (and counting), but also some controversy: A Reddit post in 2018 blamed her of fabricating her popular photos with photo-editing software, some really excellent makeup abilities, and/or prosthetics.

So, what really is the truth? Is Sahar truly Angelina Jolie’s cadaver, or are her photographs the creation of a Photoshop wizard? Let us try to put some light on this problem…

Sahar allegedly told a British reporter that she would do anything to be like Angelina.

Aside from purportedly undergoing the aforementioned procedures, Sahar is said to weigh slightly around 90 pounds.

Given her height of 4’9, Sahar is most likely dangerously underweight.

On Instagram, Sahar’s images generate a number of comments, many of which are nasty.

Some areas of the photograph are clearly twisted, giving the impression that Sahar was faking her corpse-like look.

In the midst of the reaction, Sahar ultimately revealed in an interview with the Russian news source last December that this is Photoshop and make up.

Every time she uploads a picture, she paints her face in a more amusing style, she explained. It is a kind of self-expression, a type of art. Her admirers are aware that this is not her true face.

She also admitted to having three plastic surgery treatments.

She had a nose job, enlarged mouth, and liposuction, she stated. She sees nothing wrong with the procedures: many individuals over the world receive this type of treatment.

Sahar said that she doesn’t care what others say about her on the internet.

The acceptance of her family and God is the most important thing in her life, she stated. This permission is sufficient for her.

Other people’s opinions don’t disturb her at all, she said.

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